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Who We Are

Good Shepherd Entertainment is an award-winning video game publisher dedicated to creating long-term partnerships that create high calibre, high-quality entertainment.

We have established a strong global presence, having released dozens of hits; such as Monster Train, the Transport Fever series, Phantom Doctrine, Hard West and the critically acclaimed John Wick Hex.

What We Do

Talented developers choose us for our invested, personal style that is built on a no bullsh*t mentality and collaborative approach. We offer our know-how and network of award-winning writers, musicians and creative powerhouses as well as access to pop-culture IPs.

We consider ourselves shepherds within the industry, drawing on decades of experience to guide indie studios through the development, publishing and marketing life cycle of PC and console, premium video games. We build partnerships around every title that we sign so that we can continue to grow our impact in the industry and raise the profile of everything- and everyone that we work with.

What we are looking for

Good Shepherd Entertainment looks for multi-disciplinary titles that will stand out in the global marketplace. We are relentless in our approach, aiming to deliver high-quality experiences that appeal to our audience of dedicated gamers.

We look for developers that live and breathe their game genre; who are committed to understanding their audience inside and out and weaving an immersive narrative that captivates players for hours on end. 

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